About Us

MenKare: The Home of Superior Men Care Grooming Products

MenKare offers the highest quality men’s grooming products in today’s market with top notch customer service! We take pride in offering superior men’s grooming items and premier traditional wet-shaving solutions, including top-quality beard care products, hair products for men, skincare for men, men’s shaving set, and men’s body grooming products.

Easy Online Ordering

For the busy gentleman, shopping at retail stores is a luxury he rarely has. Luckily, MenKare’s product offerings can all be shopped online—any time of the day, anywhere in the country. Simply browse our different product categories, select an item you want, indicate the quantity, and click to order. It’s that simple!

All orders over $59 are delivered for free. And if you’re not satisfied with our products, you can rely on our 100% money-back guarantee.

Got questions about our products? No worries—our eager online support team will more than happily assist you with any concern.

Why Shop Online?

There are many reasons why you should shop for grooming products online. Below are just some of them:

Convenience. Not a fan of shopping at retail stores or lining up at the cashier? Avoid the hassle of physical shopping by purchasing online. Simply browse our collection of products at your leisure and place your order whenever you like. So whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, you’ll always have a constant supply of grooming products.

Price. As an online store, we have lower overhead costs as we do not have a retail space—our website is our showroom. This also means that we can pass on our savings to our clients, allowing them to get top-notch products at very affordable prices. What’s more, online shopping lets you easily compare different products and their prices, so you’ll always get the best value for your money.

A Wider Array of Products. In a retail store, you can only display as many products as your shelf space allows. As an online retailer, we are not subject to such constraints. We can stock and offer as many products as we can. We are also not limited as to the brands that we display–we are not tied to any one brand and we can offer all the products that we think that gentlemen will appreciate.

Secure. Online shopping has gone a long way, and these days millions of people happily shop for products over the internet. Thanks to the advances in payment processing security, you can rest assured that your purchases are all secure and your credit card details will never be compromised. Indeed, online shopping has become an easy, convenient, and secure way to buy the products that you love.

Perfect for Gift Giving. No time to shop for the perfect gift? Then online shopping is definitely for you. Simple select the product you wish to purchase and have it delivered to your intended recipient’s address. What’s more, online shopping is more discreet, allowing you to preserve the surprise up until the big reveal.

Don’t see a product on our site? Contact Menkare and we will find it for you. 100% money back guarantee on all products.