Top 5 Survey-Backed Men’s Grooming Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

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Top 5 Survey-Backed Men’s Grooming Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

At one point or another, you may have wondered what present you can get for the men in your life. You might be thinking if men’s grooming products and kits are something they would appreciate. The good news is that according to a study by The Benchmarking Company, about 85% of men who received a men’s grooming gift box thought that it was a great gift. In fact, they liked it so much that some of them bought grooming sets to give to their friends and family.

How do you decide on the type of products or kits to give? Check out our infographic:

CAI 2 MenKare Top 5 Survey Backed Men’s Grooming Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

If you need further information, here are further details on specific product ranges for men’s grooming:

Hair Care

Did you know that hair problems ranked highly as an appearance-related concern in a study done by DataMonitor? About 29% of men surveyed said that hair loss and dandruff were their main concerns, which is why a hair care set complete with shampoo, conditioner, and a grooming lotion could make a fantastic gift.


The Benchmarking Company study also reported that 72% of men make it a point to trim their facial hair when it gets out of control, and that about 90% have shaving as one of their top grooming activities. It is crucial to note that while 84% buy razors for themselves, the remaining rely on their partners to purchase them. Getting a shaving set for your special someone could be a wonderful, intimate present.

Skin Care

Apart from hair concerns, DataMonitor reported that men were also concerned about looking and feeling old. Dry and flaky skin were a primary concern with both skin elasticity and eye wrinkles coming in as a close second. If you have friends with these issues, skin care sets that include face wash, toner, and an SPF moisturizer—all in a masculine scent—can make great gifts.


Nails may not need as much attention as the hair or the face, but believe it or not, a sophisticated manicure set is something that every man will appreciate. Look for one with fingernail scissors, tweezers, toe nail clipper, nail file, and a cuticle pusher.

Body Wash

What’s the top appearance-related concern of most men? Well, that’s excessive sweating and bad body odor according to 32% of men polled by DataMonitor. Unfortunately, giving someone deodorant as a gift is sure to send the wrong message, so how about a body wash set instead? Look for one that comes with products that help exfoliate and moisturize, too.

Hopefully, we have helped you select the best grooming products to give to your friends and family. If these statistics are any indication, they will love you for it.


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