Looking to Style Your Hair a Variety of Ways? You’ll Need These 5 Hair Products for Men

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Looking to Style Your Hair a Variety of Ways? You’ll Need These 5 Hair Products for Men

When you were a kid, looking good meant jumping in the shower and giving your hair a quick wash. Now that you’re a man, however, you have probably realized that having great hair requires more than just that, and you’re definitely not alone. According to statistics cited by in-cosmetics, about 52% of men globally believe that their looks are either important or very important.

Take a look at our infographic to learn more:

CAI 1 MenKare Looking to Style Your Hair a Variety of Ways? You’ll Need These 5 Hair Products for Men

By now, you must be eyeing a specific hairstyle, but might still be wondering which products to use with it. Here’s some additional information to help you decide:


Pomades used to be only made from mineral or petroleum, but today, there are now water-based pomades as well. These products are characterized by a high shine and a medium hold, and are great for “slicked back” or “messy” hairstyles.


Clay is considered pomade’s stickier cousin. In general, clay products have a low shine, often matte to semi-matte, with a medium to strong hold. This particular hair product is great for a “bed head” or other disheveled hairstyles, as it adds volume without weighing down the hair.


Gel is a water-based product best for those who want a “wet” and stiff look. In general, gels offer high shine and strong holding power compared to other products. Gels with a lighter hold, however, are best for those with fine hair, so it doesn’t get weighed down.


Cream gives your hair moisture, which is why it’s ideal for coarse and curly hair. These normally have a low hold and medium shine. Not only are they excellent in taming frizzy fly-away hair, but they are also great for conditioning dry hair back to its health.


Serums are known for their low hold and high shine. Similar to creams, they are used to tame hair and make it look shiny.  Applying a few drops of serum to smooth out your locks will give you the silky finish it needs. It is no wonder then that they are often used by men with long hair and those who sport “man buns.”

Choosing the right hair products for men depends entirely on the type of style you are gunning for and the type of hair that you have. Whether you are going for a man bun, bedhead, or slicked back look, consider purchasing different hair products to experiment and see which ones are right for your hair.


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