Five Hip Hairstyles that Will Keep You in Step with 2017 Fashion, Thanks to Men’s Hair Products

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Mens Hair Products Provide an Array of Creations for Your Desired Do

Five Hip Hairstyles that Will Keep You in Step with 2017 Fashion, Thanks to Men’s Hair Products

Not too long ago, hairstyling was considered a woman thing and not really something a man fretted about or spent much money on. But times have already changed. Today, men’s hair styles and men’s hair products are as diverse as those available for women.

There are five men’s hairstyles that are particularly trendy for 2017, all of which you can achieve by applying the right men’s hair products.

The Man Bun

The man bun is the masculine version of its female counterpart. The man bun slowly started to become trendy in 2015. It has evolved since then and continues to evolve in 2017. Fashion models and actors are now being seen wearing this curious hair style that many women find appealing and sexy.

If you have moderately long or long hair, consider this hairstyle a likely fit. It’s as simple as pie to achieve. Just pull your back and twist it upon itself in a, well, bun! Add some hair product to lend your wilder strands a smooth, tame appeal and you’re done.

Curly nation

Curls have wended their way back into the fashion scene for both men and women. Frowned upon for many years, fashionable men of today have accepted and proudly wielded their mane’s natural texture.

If you’re a fashion-forward man with straight hair but would like to wax the curly look, you can still do it with the right styling products. To get the volume and shape right, you should use anti-frizz products that hold the do in place. Of course, you need the curling implements to shape your locks.

The Fringe

The fringe, AKA bangs, has been trending in recent years. This hairstyle is a quick and simple transformation of your do that complements many face shapes. The fringe is considered a high-brow look that can crown your overall fashion statement.  To achieve this look, you need to style your hair while it’s wet, then use hair wax or gel to set the fringe in place.

Quiff it

According to, “quiff” is a British term meaning a “prominent piece of hair that is brushed up and back from the forehead.” It was first coined in the 1950s but has since then made a comeback throughout the ’80s, ’90s and now the 2000s.

The quiff is one of the most popular trends in men’s hairstyles for 2017. This look is also easy to achieve. Place a blow dryer in hand and place wax on your hair. Just pull your hair back as you blow-dry it.

Need an inspiration to pull off this look? One of the most famous celebrities brandishing a quiff is former football star David Beckham.

What is all the “buzz?”

This is a carefree, man’s man hairstyle. It’s the shortest one we will feature today, and it goes well with oval and round faces. Though it requires next to no styling, you still need to take care of your scalp. Because a buzz cut can be considered too short, you’ll need to use sun block to make sure your scalp does not suffer from the lack of hair. You should apply moisturizer to keep the hair shiny and the scalp healthy.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should not only take into consideration what is trending, but what looks good on you and how much time you are willing to spend styling it. These are only some of the choices among many different styles available for men today. Remember, it’s essential to combine the right style with the right men’s hair products so that you maintain a handsome, fashion-forward look, while keeping your hair and scalp healthy.


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